Molyjam produces over 260 games

Hundreds meet across the globe to answer the question, 'what would Molydeux?'
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Petermolydeux is a fake twitter account, but that didn't stop hundreds in over thirty cities from teaming up to make his absurdist tweets become a reality.

Over 260 games have been posted on the Molyjam website, all based on tweets from the famed account spoofing British games design legend Peter Molyneux.

Molyjam began as a joke on twitter, but quickly became a reality as fans of the fake account organized the game jam, which took place over 48 hours this weekend.

Molyneux himself even turned up at event's London location, though the man behind the Petermolydeux account was unable to attend.

Molyneux has gained a reputation for pushing boundaries with the concepts behind his games, and the 'molydeux' account takes that to extremes.

"What if the pause button was a weapon? Until developers think outside the box we're going downhill," read one tweet.

Will there be another Molyjam? @petermolydeux says yes.

"#molyjam2013? It will exist forever until we get an official apology from the oppressors for forcing old game design on us. That's a promise."