Molyneux: I've made good, not great, games

Microsoft development legend yearns to make a 5m+ seller and join the â??triple-A' elite
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Peter Molyneux is a surprisingly critical man. Fable II is a great game, it has sold over 3.5 million units at retail and has a Metacritic score of 89. But during an interview with MCV, Molyneux highlights elements of it as ‘crap’, ‘gimmicky,’ and ‘a terrible crime’.

And he invites criticism from his fans, too. He goes on gaming forums under a pseudonym, he tells MCV, to spark debate. Why be so humble?

“It’s not humility,” he insists. “It’s the reality and the truth. I am a designer and I shouldn’t stand up and say everything is wonderful and shiny and great and we made the greatest game ever, because we didn’t. Being inspired by your mistakes is one way of breaking into that triple-A club. It will always be my consistent dream to break into that club. I’ve made a lot of good games, but never a great game.”

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