Molyneux unveils episodic model for Fable III

Dev legend blasts demos and defends Milo at GameHorizon Conference
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Speaking at the GameHorizon Conference today, head of Microsoft Game Studios Peter Molyneux has reportedly unveiled that Fable III will be distributed in an episodic format as well as through retail.

That's according to those on the show floor, such as GamesBrief's Nicholas Lovell, who claimed on Twitter: "Fable III will be episodic. First hour will be free, will be the demo and end on a cliffhanger. Users can buy next episode or full game."

Lovell also suggested that Molyneux criticised the current demo format popular with many studios and publishers on the likes of Xbox Live.

Addressing the audience at the opening of the second day of the Gateshead event, Molyneux went on to defen Milo, which was suggested to be a tech demo only yesterday, before Microsoft moved to quash the rumours.

Claiming that while he empathised with Microsoft's reservations about the Kinect project’s potential with the public, Molyneux insisted he was confident that the title has the quality and technical capability to impress audiences.