Molyneux usurps Miyamoto in 'most admired' poll

Top ten developers rated from 'industry survey of 9,000'
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Peter Molyneux, the founder of Lionhead and a former Develop Legend award winner, has been named as the world’s most respected developer in a new industry poll.

The British veteran was apparently the highest-scoring developer in an online poll of “9,000 developers”, according to USA Today.

Nintendo giant Shigeru Miyamoto was put in unfamiliar territory by being voted second.

Put at number seven on the list is Develop columnist David Braben, and in tenth is Rockstar North co-founder Dave Jones.

Molyneux was recently awarded the BAFTA Fellowship. A transcript of his emotional speech can be found here.

The full list follows.

1. Peter Molyneux
2. Shigeru Miyamoto
3. Jonathan Blow
4. Will Wright
5. John Carmack
6. Mike Morhaime
7. David Braben
8. Sid Meier
9. Masaya Matsuura
10. Dave Jones