Monumental Games 'axes entire workforce'

Studio emptied of remaining 20 staff, Develop understands, as firm enters administration
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UK independent Monumental Games has gone into administration,following 24 challenging months of staff reductions, cancelled projects and closed studios.

Develop understands that the studio's remaining workforce, of about twenty staff, have each been made redundant.

The Nottingham studio entered administration last week, according to a report on

Develop has confirmed the matter through financial documents filed by the company. Studio executives were unavailable at the time of calling.

Monumental’s most recent line of business is the MMO game development engine, called Prime. The company has been relatively quiet on licensee deals.

In 2010, Monumental was believed to have lost its bid to develop the Transformers MMO, resulting in job losses.

Weeks later the company fought off claims that it had entered administration.

In January last year the studio underwent a CEO switch, with co-founder Rik Alexander handing the duties to Nick Wheelwright.