More than 50 Unity games coming to Wii U

GDC 2014: A further 17 titles already approved and will be released in next two months
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More than 50 games developed using the Unity engine are coming to Wii U, according to Nintendo.

Speaking to Siliconera at GDC, Nintendo of America's senior manager of marketing Damon Baker said the console firm was showing off nine games during the week, but that there were another 17 in the pipeline that had already been submitted and would be out in the next two months.

He then claimed another 50 titles were also coming to the platform, which if true should help soothe the console's third-party woes.

Nintendo has signed a deal with Unity that grants it the rights to distribute the development platform to its in-house, external and third-party licensee developers for Wii U.

The firm has also released the Nintendo Web Framework to support HTML5 game development in a further effort to attract developers. You can find more in-depth details on the framework here.


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