morpheme 2.0's character toolset in focus

An in-depth look at NaturalMotion's pioneering work in the animation discipline
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Today Develop has published a profile of NaturalMotion's morpheme 2.0 middleware, and its integration of character physics and animation.

With plenty of room for innovation in the field, NaturalMotion's CEO Torsten Reil is optimistic about the future of in-game animation.

“When it comes to other areas of middleware, the problems have started to be solved, but in animation we are far from diminishing returns," explained Reil.

"It’s the most complicated sector, and the one where you can provide the most visual bang for the buck. There will be years of innovation.”

NaturalMotion is already pioneering developments with regard to character animation in relation to physics.

“What we’re looking for is a much more compelling way of mixing animation and physics, so you can define how parts of your character are deformed when they come into contact with a wall, for example,” said NaturalMotion's head of technology Simon Mack.

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