Morpheme 5 with Euphoria now available

NaturalMotion offers new fully-integrated animation package
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Developers can now pick up a copy of NaturalMotion's Animation middleware Morpheme packaged with motion synthesis tech Euphoria.

Morpheme 5 is a character authoring and animation toolkit that now supports Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

With an updated GUI, a network development system for rapid iteration, and a bundled Lua debugger, NaturalMotion claims their middleware is easier to use than ever.

Now, for the first time, the Morpheme package fully integrates the self-animating Euphoria engine into Morpheme 5.

Euphoria gives characters the power to dynamically synthesize motion according to in-game events.

With this tool developers can build character responses that NaturalMotion claims aren't possible with traditional animations.



BUILD: morpheme 2.0

The latest version of NaturalMotionâ??s animation production pipeline morpheme sees the integration of character animation with character physics, Jon Jordan discoversâ?¦