MotoGP moves in to gaming with esports competition

Spanish based owner Dorna will use Milestone's game with PS4 exclusivity
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Spanish based Dorna Sports, owner of the MotoGP racing series, are moving in to esports.

The MotoGP esports Championship will use Milestone's upcoming MotoGP17 game to allow players to qualify for the competition. The event will feature both online and circuit competitions, culminating in a final race at the Valencia circut in Spain, which is also the end of the MotoGP season.

The competition will be exclusive to players on Sony's PlayStation 4 console and the event will also be broadcast by Dorna's TV partners globally.

"Moving into the eSports scene is taking MotoGP into a new era, said Dorna Sports' commercial area managing director, Pau Serracanta. "It's a unique way to engage our established gaming audience and also a clear sign to the wider gaming community that MotoGP is not only one of the top motorsports properties in real life, but also one of the most exciting digital experiences a console game can deliver. We will be putting together an exciting package mixing virtual and real life encounters blending the two worlds to deliver the utmost authenticity."

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