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Mousechief patents narrative method

Indie dev protects its new interactive story mechanism
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Indie developer Mousechief has been granted a patent for a ‘specific mechanism which controls interactive narratives in a novel, engaging and elegant way.’

The technique, which is demonstrated in the shareware title The Witches Yarn, will be employed in future titles by the developer. Mousechief is welcoming both commercial and indie developers to contact the company for help on implementing ‘this pick-up-and-play style of interactive narrative.’

"Nowadays, patents are often abused. They are used to control innovation, stifle it, or obtain income from lawsuits instead of from the invention itself. However, individuals still rely on patents for public recognition and protection from exploitation,” said Keith Nemitz, who was granted the patent.

"The patent process is a grueling test of patience and diligence. Any 'small entity' that passes without the expense of lawyers can be doubly proud of their achievement."


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