Movie firms â??somewhat ignorantâ?? of game design processes

Yet the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences president says that past problems are now over
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Movie studios who have previously ventured into the games business have in the past been “somewhat ignorant” of the game design process.

That was the verdict of Joseph Olin, president of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Olin’s statement follows the recent news that the renowned Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer is embarking on his own video game empire, Jerry Bruckheimer Games.

Speaking to Develop, Bruckheimer’s studio’s Jay Cohen offered his view that film studios had in the past “had a challenge to bring the film experience right into the game or the game experience right into the film – that created a lot of confusion for consumers"

Olin echoes this statement. In a Miami Herald report he is quoted as saying “media companies that have gotten into games in the past were somewhat ignorant of the process … That's no longer the case.''

Pictured: 20th Century Fox's Hitman movie


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