Multiverse launches MMOG development middleware

â??Multiverse Platformâ?? available at no upfront cost to developers
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The Multiverse Network has launched version 1.0 of Multiverse Platform, its virtual world development toolset.

The platform, which contains all the editors and server software to develop, launch and manage a MMO, is available for free – providing the finished product is released on the company’s network of online worlds.

Licensing fees are only applicable if the end-product generates revenue through billing or advertising, and are set at a reasonable ten percent. Previously available as a beta, The Multiverse Network claim that their Platform has already attracted ‘over 11,000 development teams across the world.’

“We’re passionate about empowering our customers to create the next wave of online experiences,” said Bill Turpin, co-founder and CEO of The Multiverse Network.

“By providing our technology without upfront fees and eliminating many technical barriers, we’ve made virtual world development faster and less expensive than ever before.”

As a demonstration of the technology, The Multiverse Network has launched the ‘World’s in Progress’ programme, whereby anyone can download the free Multiverse Viewer and experience work-in-progress and sample worlds.



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