Multiverse partners with Vivox

Virtual world platform to offer voice services
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Multiverse's MMO platform is to add support Vivox's voice communication services.

The toolkit, which is freely available to developers and operates on a revenue-sharing scheme, will be enhanced by support for voice chat, buddy lists, positional 3D audio and even voice mail.

“Virtual worlds are three dimensional realms with increasingly complex social structures that demand strong, proven communications to thrive,” said Bill Turpin, CEO and co-founder of Multiverse.

“By partnering with Vivox, we are enabling virtual world developers to quickly add Vivox’s superior voice services with minimal development effort or financial commitment. Our customers will be able to include feature-rich voice services designed specifically to enrich the virtual world experience with the full support of the Vivox team.”

Rob Seaver, CEO of Vivox, added: “Multiverse is changing the way virtual worlds are developed, making it easier for more companies to take advantage of this innovative online medium.

"The inclusion of Vivox’s integrated and scalable voice service will ensure that developers using the Multiverse Technology Platform will be able to build effective communication structures, simply and cost-effectively. We look forward to working with Multiverse and their clients in the creation of visionary new virtual environments.”



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