Naturalmotion goes free-to-play

My Horse first of seven new free iPhone games
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Oxford based developer Naturalmotion is switching to the free-to-play business model beginning with new iPhone release My Horse.

According to a report by Venturebeat, Naturalmotion chief exec Torsten Reil said that the limited beta test of the game showed customers were willing to spend $150 to $300 on virtual goods for their horse.

It also states there are plans to create six more free-to-play games for the mobile platform.

The move comes despite the studio’s recent success with iPhone title Backbreaker, which it says has had millions of downloads.

My Horse, developed by San Francisco based MunkyFun, features ‘console quality’ graphics and allows the player to feed, wash and train their horse and enter it into competitions.

According to the article My Horse is due for release within the next few days.



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