NCsoft and Zoe Mode sponsor Dare Brighton

Local heat contenders given support by famed developers
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NCsoft and Zoe Mode have sponsored the Brighton heat of Dare to be Digital.

As part of the event, run by the University of Abertay and the University of Brighton and also supported by local development agency SEEDA (the South East England Development Agency) and Channel 4, four local teams have been mentored by the studios is areas such as art, programming, design and audio. Support is also provided by the University of Brighton by giving the teams somewhere to work, hardware and technical support.

“It was an extraordinary experience. Apart from sharing technical knowledge, we also got involved with their team interaction. It’s an epitome of the real world: dynamic, competitive and stretching. NCsoft is delighted to be part of the game,” said Jay Scott, head of product development at NCsoft.

Angela Fenge, operations and marketing director, Zoë Mode, added: “If we are to get the best graduates into the industry it’s vital that we work with universities and initiatives such as Dare to be Digital to ensure that students get the best education, training and support possible, before they head out into the industry.

"We’ve found that graduates who have been involved with Dare are among the best graduate applicants out there and we’re thrilled to be able to help support them in this fantastic competition."



Zoe Mode

It was the first of Kuju's studios to rebrand itself, and probably the most radical: not only tapping into the burgeoning casual market, but basing its entire identity on a fictional female. Now, one year later, how is it faring?