NCSoft succumbs to Steam

Digital PC kingpin adds key NCSoft franchises to its platform
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Valve has announced that Steam will now be a vendor of several NCSoft franchises, further adding to the digital platform’s exhaustive catalogue of partners.

NCSoft will be brining several MMO franchises to the fray, from City of Heroes to Guild Wars and Lineage. The publisher will also be brining its latest MMO, Aion, to Steam when it launches in North America and Europe.

“NCsoft’s leading-edge MMO’s are an incredible addition to the Steam library of games,” said Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve. “NCsoft is a clear leader in the MMO industry, and we believe our player community will be very excited to have access to the diverse catalogue NCsoft has to offer our members.”

David Reid, president of publishing for NCsoft West, said he was thrilled to be offering the company’s properties to “the legions of gamers” on the Steam community.

“Steam’s community is filled with passionate players intent on having the latest updates on their favourite games. Extending our distribution reach with Steam will allow more gamers the freedom and flexibility to stay updated and engaged with our games and online communities,” he added.



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