nDreams unveils new PlayStation Home ARG

GDC 09: Developer debuts alternate reality game Xi
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Developer nDreams has revealed a handful of details about the newly announced Xi, an alternate reality game that claims to be the first centered on a games console.

Based in hidden locations throughout PlayStation Home, Xi challenges players to follow an adventure that features clues hidden in-game, across the web and in the real world. To keep the narrative of the game secret, presently very few details of Xi's workings have been confirmed.

Xi is free to play, and available in a number of languages. A piece of graffiti in PlayStation Home's main square acts as the first clue for those looking to join in with the adventure.

Alternate reality games began with print publications like Kit William's cult picture book Masquerade, and have since been used in card games like Perplex City, and as promotional works for video games, such as Halo 2's I Love Bees.