Nearly 1,000 games developed in Ludum Dare 25

Global game jam ends today
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Almost 1,000 games have been entered into the latest Ludum Dare competition.

Started on December 14th, the online game jam sees developers from around the world creating games over 48-hour and 72-hour periods.

The theme for the 25th Ludum Dare is ‘You are the Villian’, with 912 developers at the time of writing uploading a title in the competition side of the game jam.

The competition element of Ludum Dare requires developers to work on their own and tasks them with making the game within 48 hours. Devs are allowed to use all publicly available libraries and middleware as well as other contention creation and development tools such as 3dsmax, Flash and Photoshop.

Those taking part in the ‘Jam’ part of the event are able to work in teams, and have 72 hours to complete their titles.

All the games will be judged in a number of categories, which include innovation, fun, theme, graphics, audio and mood.

The deadline for all entries is later today, while judging will take place over the next three weeks.

You can check out all the games entered on the official website.


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