NeoEdge merges with Offspring

Both casual game developers seek product expansion
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Online games advertising firm NeoEdge and social games company Offspring have merged to form a new company – retaining the NeoEdge brand – that will develop casual and social-orientated games designed specifically to effectively deliver ads. founder Lesley Mansford, who has 16 years at EA behind him, will become the new company’s CEO whilst NeoEdge’s Dan Servos is set to become a senior VP alongside Andrew Pedersen and Todd Heringer.

“This professional pairing ratchets NeoEdge up to the next level by offering original high-quality content, expertise in building social features and unique advertising sponsorships, and new business models like virtual goods,” Mansford stated.

NeoEdge’s current partners include Yahoo! and USA Networks. Earlier this month it announced the appointment of three senior members to its sales team.


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