Never Alone dev merges with E-Line Media

Upper One Games working with media firm to build 'World Games' category
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E-Line Media has announced it will merge with Upper One Games, the studio behind promising puzzle platformer Never Alone.

Upper One is the first indigenous-owned games company in the US and its title, unveiled to acclaim at this year's E3, explores folklore handed down by many generations of Alaska Native people. It is due for Xbox One, PS4 and PC this autumn.

The studio becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of E-Line Media, a company dedicated to entertainment and education through video games and game-based learning.

Through this merger, the two firms hope to build what they refer to as the "World Games" category: titles that explore and expose traditional stories from indigenous cultures around the globe.

"Never Alone is a pioneering examble of how our united teams are delivering an innovative and rich experience around native culture for players of all ages," said E-Line Media executive chair Gloria O'Neill. 

"The promise and opportunity around World Games is an exciting one, and we couldn't be more thrilled to officially merge our collective resources, knowledge and passion to kickstart a valuable new genre that will entertain and deeply inspire enthusiasts the world over."


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