New advertising firm targets casual games

GameJacket to offer dynamic advertising in Flash games
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A new British in-game marketing firm is looking to target casual games by offering dynamic advertising in Flash games.

GameJacket bills itself as the first firm to offer an advertising platform for Flash games, using bespoke technology, and says its adshare model means Flash developers can generate revenue from their creations.

GameJacket’s founder and director of content, Barry White, commented: “Our unique technology provides Flash game developers with a rich toolset, enabling them to manage and protect their intellectual property, distribute their games freely around the internet whilst, at the same time, generate a constant stream of revenue from high value advertisers.”

He added: “Uniquely, GameJacket hands developers the power to update their Flash games anytime they choose, regardless of where they are being played on the internet. This ‘version control’ technology will revolutionise the way Flash games are managed online. Plus, GameJacket are able to share a rich array of statistics empowering developers to analyse and measure the success of their products.”

The service is free for developers to sign up to - find out more at


Google considering in-game advertising

The Wall Street journal has reported that Google is thinking of buying into the in-game advertising space via the acquisition of US company Adscape - and the deal could be done as soon as next week.