New Culture Sec: â??Creative sector vital to economyâ??

Jeremy Hunt talks up creative sectorâ??s key role in aiding British economic recovery
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Conservative MP for South West Surrey Jeremy Hunt has been appointed as Culture Secretary in the recently installed Lib-Con Cabinet.

And already he has been talking up how the British creative industries such as video games are “vital [role] in the UK’s economic recovery.”

He made the comment as part of a statement confirming his appointment – and that seems to assuage fears that a new government comprised of parties who did not release any pre-election documentation about games industry tax breaks could scratch the idea altogether.

“I know there is an incredible appetite for change across the country,” Hunt continued.

“I want the department to be at the forefront of making it happen.”

Richard Wilson, CEO of UK games industry trade association TIGA, recently told Develop that he was confident a Tory majority or Tory-lead minority government would support industry tax breaks.

“Ed Vaizey has made some very positive comments about the sector, and the Conservatives as a whole have made some very encouraging noises,” he said.

“We have an extremely good chance of seeing the measures enacted.”

However, Wilson was anxious that the industry itself continued to purse the measures.

“It is really important we don’t let this opportunity vanish,” he concluded.