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New games audio file format in the works

Interactive XMF spec to be presented at Audio Engineering Society Convention
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A new file format for games audio is to be unveiled at this weekend's Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York.

The iXMF (interactive XMF) spec is billed as "the first non-proprietary solution for distributing audio assets with associated behavior rules".

Numerous people have been involved in the format's specification, including game composers and audio producers,plus reps from companies like Beatnik, Microsoft, Creative Labs, and Nokia.

The format will be presented on Saturday, October 6th in New York as part of a presentation from the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group, part of the Audio Engineering Society.

The SIG has pulled together a number of experts in the field for other presentations also, with the likes of SCEE and Creative Labs providing speakers during games-specific sessions at the Society's convention.

For more information head to the special interest group's official site.



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