New GDC 2010 speakers announced

Naughty Dog and Double Fine add to a growing list of attending luminaries
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Developers from studios such as Naughty Dog and Maxis are confirmed as guest speakers for next year’s GDC conference.

The new additions come as part of a cluster of new speaker sessions announced for the March 9-13 event.

Naughty Dog’s Josh Scherr and Amy Hennig will be at the event to pull the curtain back on the development of PS3 title Uncharted 2.

Maxis’ Richard Evans, meanwhile, will be speaking in a session entitled ‘Modeling Individual Personalities in The Sims 3’.

Double Fine Productions will also be in attendance, discussing the visual effects of its latest title Brütal Legend.

The Event’s business track, meanwhile, will feature Chris Charla of the huge indie studio Foundation 9. Charla is poised to open an interesting debate on why owning your own IP is, in fact, a bad idea.

The full list of speakers, as it stands, can be found here.