New GDC China speakers confirmed

2K and Ubisoft also add to the session line-up
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Don Daglow, president and creative director of Daglow, and Steven Collins, CTO and co-founder of Swrve, are both holding talks directed at improving business and marketing.

Paul Winterhalder, chief development officer at bitHeads, is hold a session on smartphone and tablet gaming.

In ‘Designer's Dilemma: How Do We Predict the Future?’, Daglow will share ways in which game developers can learn from game history and from other media to find better ways to approach the development of future hits.

In his talk about online games, Collins will explore the use of predictive analytics to classify users according to their propensity to perform an action of interest in the near future, based on their interactions with a game.

Meanwhile, Winterhalder’s session, ‘Building Scalable Cloud Tech for Mobile & Social Games’, will break-down the features best pushed to the cloud for smartphones and tablet development, as well as how to architect things so that the solution will perform well when scaling in capacity and across geographies.

Also, added to the GDC China line-up are sessions from 2K on narrative and Ubisoft on the lighting in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

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