New indie association launches advice bureau

Ask industry veterans anything about your project, for free
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The new voluntary trade body for indie developers – known as Indievision – has opened a new free ‘surgery’ where developers can seek advice from industry veterans, lawyers and accountants.

Digimask founder Gary Bracey, along with Introversion’s Mark Morris and Team 17 studio head Martyn Brown, are encouraging all indie developers from around the world to ask them absolutely anything related to the business of making games.

Indievision insists that no question is too simple, and numerous issues can be discussed, from legal to budgets, publishing, sales, marketing, tax, accounts, VAT, staffing and even conferences.

“We are in the position of sourcing the best information for the question asked,” says Richard Hill-Whittall, founder of Indievision.

The service is available for all Indievision members, of which joining is free with no strings attached.

Indievision promises to index all questions and answers for future reference, slowly building up an indie development guide, or perhaps bible. It is currently unconfirmed that participants can remain anonymous when their questions are indexed, though such protection is assumed.

“We shall also include guest slots with industry lawyers and accountants who will be able to give useful pointers and tips about diverse issues such as IP Protection and Tax Credits,” added Hill-Whittall.

Indievision officially launched late in October. The trade body – based in the UK but representing globally - aims to protect indies from “the pitfalls and immoral business practices in the industry”.


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