New line of 3D models from Rocketbox

Sophisticated facial animation rig applied to 40 new characters
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Character and animation specialist Rocketbox has made a sizable addition to its library of stock 3D models.

A selection of the models – called Complete Characters HD – features the key addition of sophisticated facial bone rig allowing for further realistic facial expressions.

The new library includes 40 new and unique characters and 500 animations. The models are available as individual characters, or as part of a package deal.

The models are available in 3ds Max file format now – and by the end of September additional Maya and FBX file format versions will be out

“We are very proud to have the new library of characters out now, and we know that it will speed up product development for many of our existing and future customers,” said Rocketbox CEO Markus Wojcik.

“A lot of effort was put into creating an unprecedented quality level. Still we wanted to keep integration very easy, with the help of standardized bone systems and animations.”



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