New movie trailer: Us and the Game Industry

Documentary preview emerges weeks after Indie Game: The Movie screening
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A new documentary exploring the work and lives of games developers has been previewed on video sharing site Vimeo.

The film, called ‘Us and the Game Industry’, features insight from the likes of Jenova Chen (thatgamecompany), David Cook (Spry Fox) and indie dev Jason Rohrer.

The new trailer has emerged weeks after a very similar game development documentary, called Indie Game: The Movie, won a Sundance Film Festival award ahead of a major launch at GDC.

“Us and the Game Industry is a film about the new thinkers at the new frontier of experimental computer game development,” reads the new film’s blurb.

“We delve into this untapped world of potential to meet the people who are succeeding in reinventing the medium of game design and challenging the established norms with their finely crafted work.”

See the trailer below