New platform for music licensing in games

Ricall unveils web platform with commission free licences and direct links to copyright holders
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Ricall licensing company has unveiled a new web platform that it says can make obtaining music rights cheaper and connect those looking to buy music directly with copyright-holders.
The company already helps over 3,000 record companies and 22,000 music companies forge deals with music licence buyers in all mediums, including games - and the new platform will allow developers and publishers to licence tracks directly without having to pay finders fees to third-party agencies. Ricall has already signed up Sony BMG for content and has added a search facility that lets music-hunting producers find tracks based on factors including mood, activity, demographic, and tempo.

“The new Ricall platform represents a revolution in how synch licenses are requested, negotiated and signed,” said Richard Corbett, CEO and founder of Ricall. “We had a massively successful MIDEM and maintained our momentum by signing a deal with Sony BMG. There has been an increasing realisation that volume synch licensing is a significant opportunity for a beleaguered music industry, and some of the biggest names in the music business are recognising that Ricall’s platform is the most effective way to harness this fast growing revenue stream.”


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