New plugin adds Perforce Helix to Unity 5

Perforce enables cloud-powered cross-platform version control and security features in Unity’s newest engine
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Perforce Software has updated its P4Connect Unity plugin, introducing the new Perforce Helix software into Unity 5, the latest version of the popular engine.

Perforce Helix was launched during GDC and is available for free under the firm’s 20/20 program. It enables collaboration, and also protects IP and assets with its threat detection capabilities.

The updated P4Connect also adds 64-bit support, overall improvements to performance, simplified setup and configuration options, and support for multiple P4Connect instances.

“Software configuration management is one of the most important components for game developers because it’s the foundation of your entire game,” said Perforce founder and CEO Christopher Seiwald. “As such, the degree to which you can integrate your SCM system with other tools – and do so seamlessly and in an automated way – can make or break productivity.

“That’s why we’re pushing to develop and support projects like P4Connect. We’re committed to ensuring gamers have the most streamlined and productive development pipeline possible.”

P4Connect is available for free via the Unity store or Perforce’s website.