New software lets PC games run on Linux

TransGaming has released the latest version of its Linux software Cedega 6.0, which boasts support for a number of new titles and technologies.
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Cedega allows a number of games created for the PC to run on Linux and includes Shader Model 2.0 support, FBO implementation and compatibility with DirectX 9.

“We’ve completed some very significant development with Cedega 6.0, introducing new technology and improvements to the existing engine.

"The addition of Shader Model 2.0 support enables recent games to be played at the highest detail settings; a superior FBO implementation provides better overall graphics performance and compatibility with DirectX® 9; improvements to the ALSA support provide a better audio experience in the game and allows users to listen to their own music while in-game; and a new memory allocator, coupled with other enhancements, has improved the performance of games,” said Lucas Smithen, TransGaming's Cedega product manager.