New string of talks as GDC fills to the brim

Blizzardâ??s Rob Pardo and Chair Entertainmentâ??s Donald Mustard add to plethora of speaker sessioons
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As well as hosting an hour-long presentation of the Sony Motion Controller, GDC organisers have announced a string of new talks for its pivotal trade event.

Blizzard’s VP of game design, Rob Pardo, will offer a discussion on his company’s game design principals and philosophies “in the ongoing challenge to deliver a consistent, epic game experience.”

Meanwhile, Poland-based Epic subsidiary Chair Entertainment will offer a speaker session by the group’s co-founder Donald Mustard. The studio will discuss how developers can flourish on size-restrictive platforms such as XBLA, using the 2009 hit title Shadow Complex as a basis for discussion.

Both talks add to a comprehensive list of panels, keynotes, discussions and lectures, which include a look at the upcoming Eidos Montreal title Deus Ex, a rare appearance from Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, a presentation from promising UK devs Rocksteady, lectures by Peter Molyneux and Sid Meier, on top of the very first Western event appearance from Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto.


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