New studio name for Medal of Honor team

EALA FPS team to be called 'Danger Close' going forward, says report
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The team developing Medal of Honor's reboot has been likewise refreshed with a new studio brand.

Although the team is not housed in a separate location, the EALA unit making the shooter's October refresh will now be called 'Danger Close'.

The move echoes the establishment of Visceral Games, EA's EA Redwood Shores-based team making the likes of Dante's Inferno and Dead Space, and The Sims Studio - also based at Redwood Shores - while makes Sims games. Maxis is housed at that location too.

Danger Close is a military term to denote close-proximity fire.

"For us, rebooting Medal of Honor and taking it out of World War II into the current fight in Afghanistan is a lot like what we've done with the studio," executive producer Greg Goodrich told the site serving US games developers, Gamasutra. "It's a refresh. It's an opportunity. It's a way to get our own identity."