New studio Virtual Arts opened by ex ARM and Guerrilla Cambridge devs

New studio wants to revolutionise VR, AR and MR on all devices and will be creating technology as well as developing
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Virtual Arts is a new development studio based in Cambridge started by former members of the mobile technology maker ARM.

Founders Nizar Romdan and Doug Day left their positions at ARM and formed the studio in December 2016 but following the closure of local studio Guerrilla Cambridge, the company suddenly found themselves with a vast array of talent.According to the announcement, the experience in both mobile

According to the announcement, the experience in both mobile technology and triple-A games production, along with independent research, puts the company in good shape for the VR, AR and MR market. In the announcement, it is claimed that Virtual Arts "sets its sights on revolutionising VR, AR and MR technology and content.

The new company is working on their own technology and with technology partners to create support from design to back end support for any level of device that utilises the VR, AR or MR r

"There will soon be a world where virtual reality headsets are as readily available and as easily disposable as coffee cup holders," said Virtual Arts CEO, Romdan. "The devices of today with their current performance capabilities will be the dominant devices. The content being delivered to these devices will come from Virtual Arts and the companies using Virtual Arts' unique technology platform to create content."

The company is looking for new staff still and is currently raising a round of series A investment. You can find out more by visiting


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