New theories on Old Republic dev cost

Latest speculation suggests EA spent more than $200 million on MMO
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Develpoment of BioWare’s MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic reportedly cost around $200 million, according to new estimates.

The latest speculation on the game’s cost comes from LA Times blog Hero Complex, which also suggested that on top of the large sum, tens of millions more additional dollars per year would be required to keep the game fresh for its users.

It also states that the game had more than 800 staff working on creating the game, with nearly 1,000 actors recording dialogue in three difference languages for the game’s 400 characters.

The latest theory on SWTOR’s dev cost comes after a Cowen & Co analyst suggested that the game cost half a billion dollars to create, although this took into account other considerations beyond the game's development.

“I think it’s safe to say that the total all-in investment in Star Wars is probably approaching half a billion dollars,” Cowen & Co analyst Doug Creutz told MarketWatch.

“EA has minimised its risks as much as it can on this bet, but it’s still a risky bet. To the extent that any one game defines his (John Riccitiello) tenure, it’s going to be how ‘Star Wars’ performs.”

Despite constant speculation, EA has yet to officially reveal the game’s development costs.