New Year New Job 2014: What's the worst job application you've ever had?

Share your interview and CV horror stories
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Share your interview and CV horror stories

This month is our New Year New Job 2014 special, and we want to hear about the worst job applications you've ever been submitted.

Was their CV a mess? Was their covering letter illegible? Did you find yourself wishing they had never turned up for that interview?

Let us know your best horror stories and we'll publish our favourites on the website later this month. You can submit them by emailing, posting on our Facebook page, or tweeting us via @DevelopOnline.

Need some inspiration. Here's a juicy nugget Codemasters' talent acquisition manager Simon Miles revealed during our HR roundtable last week:

A designer sent me a letter saying it was their dream to work for the people that created Assassin’s Creed, and they would work in any genre except racing because they find it boring.

Think you can top that?

This feature is part of New Year, New Job 2014, Develop’s month-long guide to games recruitment. You can read more at