Newell and Carmack crowned legends at GDC awards

Lifetime achievement and pioneer awards handed to two pivotal developers
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Two of the most respected and longstanding contributors to the game industry were last night awarded top honours at the Game Developers Choice awards.

For their inestimable influence and contributions, Carmack picked up the GDC Lifetime Achievement and Newell took the Pioneer Award.

Both veterans co-founded their own development studios, with Carmack running the Doom and Quake outfit id Software, and Newell fronting the Half-Life and Steam studio Valve.

In picking up the top prize, Carmack joins other GDC Lifetime Achievement Award winners such as Sid Meier, Shigeru Miyamoto and Will Wright.

Newell is one of a few people to receive the Pioneer Award, which he received for co-creating PC key digital download service Steam, as well as his hand in titles such as the inimitable Half-Life 2.

Elsewhere at the GDC awards, Naughty Dog scored five awards for Uncharted and Rocksteady picked up another accolade for BatmanArkham Asylum.

Image: Joystiq