Nexon acquire 49% equity stake in Thai publisher iDCC

Planning to buy the rest as soon as Thai government approve the deal
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Free-to-play games giant Nexon has acquired a 49% equity stake in Thai games Publisher I Digital Connect Co (iDCC), and is looking to purchase the remaining 51% of the company as soon as the deal, for an undisclosed fee, is approved by the Thai government.

Nexon has worked with iDCC previously to provide operational support in SouthEast Asia for many of its mobile games, and say this deal allows it to increase marketing activities in the area, in addition to providing "enhanced user support".

“Partnering with iDCC, which brings significant expertise in servicing games in Thailand, will enable Nexon to provide enhanced local user support for delivering our various mobile games to users in Thailand,” said Nexon Korea Representative Director and President Jiwon Park in an emailed statement. “With Thailand as our foundation, Nexon will continue to pursue business opportunities in the rapidly growing Southeast Asian mobile game market.”

Thailand currently represents a fifth of the entirety of Southeast Asia's videogame market and this purchase gives Nexon a direct route into the region. Nexon claim the Southeast Asian video game market will be worth more than $2.2 billion next year, which might explain Nexon's acquisition.