Next Xbox components shipping already

Upcoming Microsoft console to be manufactured by Foxconn
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Components for Microsoft’s next Xbox are already being shipped for manufacture in time for the console’s possible Q4 release, reports suggest.

Speaking to the Digitimes, sources at a number of electronics plants have divulged that they expect an up swell of business as a result of deals to supply the parts for the new Xbox.

The companies named in as parts suppliers, include Lite-On IT for the optical drives.

Asia Optical and Newmax are thought to be providing lenses – which may be for the next iteration of Kinect, while Foxlink is supplying connectors nad Jentech Precision Industrial is handling cooling.

The new console is to be manufactured by Foxconn plants in China – a firm which is also used by Apple and Sony. In the recent past, Foxconn has been troubled by worker revolts, linked to suicide and reportedly poor working conditions.