Nickelodeon 'developing 600 casual games'

MTV Networks label spends $100m investment on vast catalogue of massmarket titles
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Nickelodeon, the kids brand which is of the Viacom-owned MTV Networks, has started to flesh out the $100m casual games strategy it announced last year, saying it will develop a whopping 600 titles in the next few years.

The company says that it has some 25m unique users already playing the games it has online, with its nearest competitor being Yahoo Games which reputedly has 15.5m users. Electronic Arts (presumably via its portal) and Disney have 12m players each.

Nickelodeon's games will be hosted on a number of sites - according to Yahoo, "that correspond to a variety of kid-related demos: preschoolers, tweens, teenage boys, moms."

The report adds: "The greatest growth prospects appears to be with the ones that aim just above the youngest players" - meaning that the games on the channel's site will get the biggest push.