Nik Nak signs two-game deal with Codemasters

Newly rebranded studioâ??s first titles based on â??Ology books
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Kuju’s recently opened Guildford studio, Nik Nak, has revealed that it will be working with Codemasters on two Wii titles.

The games, entitled Dragonology and Wizardology, are based on the ‘Ology series of magic books. The first title of the pair, Dragonology, is currently being prepared for release in the latter part of 2008, and will be the first title from the young player-focused studio.

“We are delighted to be working with Codemasters on the Dragonology and Wizardology games for Wii. The readers of the Templar books are exactly the target audience that NiK NaK’s games set out to entertain,” said Kevin Holloway, Nik Nak studio head.

“In developing the games, we have designed ways that will make the Wii Remote an intuitive control device for the younger player, whilst allowing more experienced players the challenge of perfecting their performance.”

Andrew Wensley, executive producer of family entertainment and lifestyle games at Codemasters, added: “NiK NaK shares our passion for extending the ‘Ology series to gamers and creating a playing experience that reflects the immersive nature of the books. With such inspirational subject matter as a base, we’re thoroughly excited to be bringing the magical worlds of the ‘Ologies to life.”