Nintendo announce new free-to-play mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes

doubling down on free to play
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Nintendo have announced the next of their hit franchises will be making the jump to mobile in its most recent Nintendo Direct. This time it's strategy RPG title Fire Emblem with the mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes expected to release on February 2, 2017.

The game will see players collecting characters from the Fire Emblem franchise and then fighting with them in turn-based strategy battles. This is a little more involved than the company's experiments with Pokémon Go, but key art highlights the phrase free-to-play rather than the free-to-start that led to controversy for Super Mario Run.

It appears to be more focused on the Japanese market in terms of mechanics, however it'll be launched in 39 countries that include Japan, UK and the US so we can see how successful it is in various territories from the get go. Notable exceptions from this list are South Korea and China, although this is just the initial release list and releases in these countries may happen later. China and South Korea are countries that've had issues with Pokémon Go in the past however, so there's a chance that they'll

For developers, this is interesting because it means that Nintendo are doubling down on their free-to-play ideas. The rumoured release date for the game matches that for the Android release of Super Mario Run, which is an interesting step from Nintendo.


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