Nintendo certifies ShiVa 3D

Wii added to Stonetripâ??s multiplatform 3D engine license
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Nintendo has certified Stonetrip’s ShiVa 3D engine to their Wii platform. The engine is now licensed to Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, browser-based apps and the Wii.

Stonetrip CEO Philip Belhassen called the Wii a very appealing platform for developers.

“The Wii offers the largest install base of the next-generation platforms. By adding support for Wii, we are expanding the cross-platform opportunities available to developers using the ShiVa 3D engine.” he said.

“We will continue to develop and add tools and technology that make the development process easier, so game developers can unleash their creativity without having to focus as much on the technological aspects of making games.”