'Nintendo encouraged us to think outside the box,' says Kuju London

Our latest studio profile covers the UK indie's relationship with Japanese giant
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If you had to pick yourself a publisher, it's fair to say that there'd be a few more desirable partners to work with than Nintendo, riding the wave of the DS and Wii and serious about bringing its message of accessibility and fun to the masses.

And, indeed, they are a good partner - with Kuju London, the subject of this week's studio profile, saying that the Japanese giant has "brought us a tremendous amount."

The studio, one of the few Kuju studios left unbranded, thrives in its setting on London's arty-trendy South Bank, bringing "the benefits of being near the city without actually being in it, the more down-to-earth feel of Borough Market and the rest of Southwark where not too many suits venture. We’re Tate Modern rather than St Pauls," says studio head Bradley Crooks.

For more on the studio, its history and the Nintendo relationship, check out the full profile here.


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