NINTENDO: 'Epic Mickey defines modern game design'

That's according to Junction Point Studios Warren Spector
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Disney’s upcoming Wii adventure game Epic Mickey was shown on stage at Nintendo's E3 conference, when head of Junction Point Studios Warren Spector described the game's design approach as a cornerstone of modern Game design.

'Play Style Matters' was used on stage repeatedly as an apparent mantra for the developers of Epic Mickey, refering to process by which a player's interaction creates and affects the virtual world around them.

"I believe the 'play style matters' approach is a cornerstone of modern game design," claimed Spector on stage.

Nintendo America CCO and president Fils-Aime said: “We grew up with Mickey Mouse, and our kids and grandchildren will grow up with him.

“Now Mickey is returning for a new game exclusive to Wii, which sets a new tone and direction for this world renown character.”

The game is set for release this Christmas.


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