Nintendo in new bid to rival Apps/Minis

The firm is expected to make indie-friendly royalty rates for DSiWare games
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Nintendo is set to make fast changes to its DSiWare service in a bid to allure a new wave of indie developers, reports suggest.

According to a PocketGamer report, Nintendo is set to make adjustments to its royalty and pricing policies for games on the DSi’s downloadable games service.

DSiWare games will still sell at three set prices - $2, $5, or $9 – yet a revised royalty structure will be tied to each price.

For example, if a $5 DSiWare game weighs in at less than 20MB, its developer will receive a bigger share of the profits than they would if the game was sized above 20MB.

It is hoped that this new policy will convince smaller developers that there’s more opportunity to turn a profit on the service.

The suggestion of a revised DSiWare model comes just days after Sony announced PSP Minis, the firm’s new small games initiative that has already won support of indie iPhone developers.


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