Nintendo Japan gears up for March 25th WiiWare launch

WiiWare Week: Nine games available when digital distribution channel arrives at the end of the month
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Nintendo of Japan has revealed the launch line-up for the country's introduction of WiiWare.

Games spun from staple franchises Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Mario will be available from the launch day, which is March 25th, along with a number of shorter casual games.

Nintendo has also clarified the price ranges of WiiWare games, with games coming in at a variety of prices from 500 WiiPoints (just under £4) to 1,500 (just over £10).

The launch games are:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King - 1500 WiiPoints
Dr Mario - 1000 WiiPoints
Pokemon Ranch Channel - 1000 WiiPoints
Lonpos - 1000 WiiPoints
Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan - 1000 WiiPoints
Saku Saku Animal Panic - 1000 WiiPoints
Star Soldier R - 800 WiiPoints
Okiraku Ping Pong - 500 WiiPoints
Angels Solitaire - 500 WiiPoints