Nintendo, Team ICO and Capcom lead at CEDEC Awards

CEDEC2008: Inaugural Japanese developer event recognises local creators' achievements
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It's become kind of customary for Nintendo to do well at award ceremonies these days - if anything, its current success is seeing it win big at the Grand Old Award Ceremony of Life - but it was for its past, not just its present, that Nintendo won big at this year's CEDEC Awards.

The first peer-voted development awards show in Japan, the event sought to recognise achievements by local developers not in just the last year, but in the past thirty years of games development.

Develop was on hand at the event to witness the evening's winners and the surprise appearance of a certain game development celebrity - the full report can be found here.



CEDEC Awards report

Now in its tenth year, Japan's CEDEC developers conference has seen fit to recognise the achievements of local developers in a new peer-voted awards ceremony, the CEDEC Awards. Develop was on hand to discover how it attempted to tackle over 30 years of home-grown development talent...