Nintendo wants more indies on WiiWare and DSiWare

Format-holder says 'there's more we can do' to offer support to newer studios
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Nintendo wants to strengthen its relationships with independent developers through the opportunities open with WiiWare and DSi ware.

That's according to reports coming out of last week's DICE conference, where the format holder's senior director of project development Tom Prata said "there's more that Nintendo can do to support [WiiWare games]" during a panel discussion.

According to Wired, Prata said that early WiiWare hiccups will be addressed, including encouraging more Wii owners to go online and access its digital store, and reminding attendees that Nintendo is looking to address the console's storage issue that many complain about.

Nintendo is also looking at beefing up the way it markets WiiWare titles, Prata added, saying "this year, Nintendo will increase resources for development and promotion."

One example of the newer marketing tactics the firm is embracing is partnering with a site like GameTrailers to let users upload and share videos of their World of Goo playthroughs.

Prata also said that DSiWare will open the door to indie developers too, although exact launch plans of the service for both the US and European territories are not yet publicly known.