Nintendo 'won't pay for exclusive games' says CEO

But console giant would work with developers 'in an unprecedented way' if they offer unique Wii U titles
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Nintendo will not look to acquire third party developers to expand its portfolio of exclusive games, CEO Saturo Iwata has said.

As reported by Gamasutra, Iwata said that whilst Nintendo was looking to work with third-party developers to help reduce their development risks, it would not compete with Microsoft and Sony to do so.

He added that the console giant likely would partner with a studio or publisher in “an unprecedented way” if they came up with a unique use for Wii U functionality.

"While Nintendo is not entirely opposed to exploring that option, I don't think it would be an appropriate course of action for Nintendo to get into a battle with a company like Microsoft over the cost or the expense of trying to go head to head in a situation to try to obtain exclusive rights," said Iwata.

"If a third-party developer or publisher has come up with an idea of a potentially very unique use of the Wii U functionality with such a device, there is a high possibility that Nintendo will be a partner with that third-party in an unprecedented manner."